Ecuador Off The Beaten Track

Ecuador's off the beaten path destinations are as authentic as it gets. If you don't go on holiday to spend your entire trip with other traveller's, then you'll be pleased to explore these lesser-known, and somewhat remote, parts of the country. Here, you'll have the opportunity to experience daily life in Ecuador, and practice your Spanish whilst you get acquainted with the locals.

Cuyabeno Ecuador


Explore this area in a canoe — moving silently across the water, you'll have the chance to see some of the 500 species birds up close. This part of the perfectly preserved jungle serves as home to the Cofán people. On nature walks, a guide can show you what types of plants locals eat and use for medicine.

Achuar Tribal Lands Ecuador
Achuar Tribal Lands


During your visit here, you can spend the night at a lodge that offers traditional Achuar cuisine. You'll most likely find yourself in a comfortable cabin with a spacious, private porch. Spend your downtime observing exotic birds and other wildlife.