On a community tour of Ecuador you’ll get to see the colorful craftsmanship of some of the oldest communities in the country. Indigenous people have survived years of drastic change, tucked away in the highlands of the Andes and in the tangled landscape of the Amazon jungle.


Much of Ecuadorian culture today developed under the influence of Spanish colonialism. On a community tour you’ll get to experience an authentic piece of uniquely Ecuadorian culture. Community tours bring visitors to some of Ecuador’s most engaging destinations for shopping and the arts.

local craftsmanship

High in the Andes you can find communities that still practice old weaving techniques, passed down through the ages. Visit the Otavalo Textile Market to see colorful textiles, as well as weaving and wool-dyeing demonstrations. Take a tour to see some of the small towns outside of Quito where local artisans handcraft Panama hats (which actually originated in Ecuador), leather goods, and jewelry made from fine silver filigree.

people of the amazon

Ecuador’s Amazon still provides a home to small but hearty indigenous groups. Some natives near the town of Puyo are happy to have visitors come and learn about learn about their hunting techniques and traditional medicine.

let’s make a plan

Too many visitors miss out on meeting locals. Don’t let this opportunity go! We can arrange community tours based on your interests, timeline, and budget. Get ready to get to know Ecuador.

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