Ecuador has several environments with wildlife that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. From the Amazon rainforest to you can climb to over 13,800 feet (4,200 m) to the peaks of dormant volcanoes. In the Galápagos you can follow in Darwin’s footsteps and sail around 18 volcanic islands.


We can provide professional guides to help guide you through Ecuador’s wild landscapes.

ecuador’s volcanoes

Ecuador’s national parks protect snow-capped volcanoes. Take horseback riding tours so you can cover more ground as you explore Cotopaxi National Park, or plan a long hike through the wilderness of the Cayambe National Park.

explore the pacific coast

Visit the Pacific coast to explore the beaches – visit Machalilla National Park for your best chance to see humpback whales. You can visit beaches near the port towns of Guayaquil and Esmereldas for a quick day-trip, or visit Canoa and Bahía de Caráquez for a more remote experience.

trek the amazon

In the Amazon you can find a place to stay in Puyo, on your way to visit the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve or Yasuní National Park. Tena is near fast-moving branches of the Amazon River, which are renowned for their rafting tours. Cayambe has a mixture of mountainous highlands and lowland rainforest and offering visitors a huge range of trekking experiences.

sail to the galapagos

See the jewel of Ecuador's landscape on a tour of the Galápagos Islands. There are species of animal here that do not live anywhere else. The volcanic landscape teems with biodiversity. Take a cruise here to see a strange and colorful corner of the world.

let us help you plan

We can help you cover as much ground as you want. Our tours and activities can combine relaxing trips to the beach and cruises around the Galápagos to active hikes and horseback riding tours. Tells us your budget, timeline, and the size of your group and we’ll start building your ideal itinerary.

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