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Shared shuttles offer convenient transportation between popular destinations in Ecuador. These comfortable shuttles are punctual and typically have door-to-door service.

The shuttles are well-maintained minibuses that can seat 8–16 people. They run daily and are driven by professional Ecuadorian drivers. Routes often have several departure times within a single day, and the shuttles are filled with various travelers who are all heading to the same destination. Most shuttles stop at least once for travelers to go to the bathroom or grab a snack.

The shuttles usually pick passengers up at their original hotel and drop them off at a hotel in their final destination. If, however, your hotel is outside the main part of town, the shuttle may not provide door-to-door service. If this happens, a taxi can take you to/from your hotel.

Shared shuttles are cheaper than private transports, and are thus a fairly economic way to travel in Ecuador. Larger groups, however, may want to consider booking a whole private transport, as it can sometimes be cheaper per person to do so. Private transports also have more flexible departure times.

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