Peru Cities to Visit

Peruvian cities have distinct characteristics based upon their geographical area, long histories, and cultural heritage. From the Inca stone structures in Cusco to the Spanish architecture in Lima, Peru's cities are a feast for the eyes and require little more than a camera and a good pair of walking shoes to enjoy them.

Lima Peru

Central Coast

Lively squares with gardens, fountains, and food vendors are dotted throughout the city, always offering a place of refuge from the busy streets. Not to mention the beautiful boardwalk on the cliffs, where you can soak in the city's prime location on the South Pacific.

In Lima, you can be taking a surf class in the morning and a historic walking tour in the afternoon, followed by a gourmet dinner and drinks to end the day.

Arequipa Peru

High Plains

Arequipa is also known as La Ciudad Blanca, the white city, because of its striking white buildings built from the local volcanic rock. Indeed, it is the view of the Misti Volcano that will stay with you long after you've left the city.