Home Stay on Lake Titicaca 2-Day Trip

Home Stay on Lake Titicaca 2-Day Trip

Lake Titicaca is an enormous lake with islands that are home to indigenous people. On this 2-day tour you will meet some of these natives, and even spend a night at the home of a family that lives on Amantani Island. On your tour of the lake, you’ll also learn about the history and mythology of Lake Titicaca.

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10 hrs
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Lake Titicaca is known for having one of the highest elevations of any lake in the world, at 12,507 feet (3,812 m) above sea level. Its islands have populations of Quechua, Aymara, and Uru people. Their homes are basic but comfortable. Be sure to bring along a small gift to express your appreciation for your host’s hospitality. Necessities like rice and batteries are welcome, as are coloring books and crayons for children.

Your first day on the lake will begin with a trip to the Uros Islands, which are located 25 miles (40 km) off the coast of Puno. This archipelago of 70 islands is entirely manmade – the Uru people twist together the totora reeds that grow on the shore of the lake to make what have become known as “floating islands.” They also use the reeds to fashion boats and small houses. The Uru people first started making these islands during the 16th century, when the Inca conquered the land that surrounds the Lake, including the Peruvian town now known as Puno.

After your visit to the Uros Islands, your tour will set sail for Amantaní Island. When you arrive, the natives will greet you at the shore. Your tour group will break up into pairs, and each pair of visitors will have their own host family. (You can also stay in a local hotel if you’d prefer not to spend the night in a private home.) For the rest of the afternoon, you’ll tour the island, and go on a hike to the summit of the Pachamama mountain peak. At the summit, you can see Inca ruins, as well as a spectacular view of the lake below.

Next, you’ll descend the mountains and head for the village’s main square. Then your host family will take you home for a traditional dinner, which might consist of quinoa soup, potatoes, and fish. During the evening you can watch the locals perform a traditional dance. Don’t be shy – they’ll show you a few steps if you’d like to participate. In the morning you’ll have breakfast with your hosts before heading across the lake to Taquile Island.
Taquile islanders are best known for their weaving and traditional looms, and they sell their handicrafts to visitors. They are famous for their knitted hats called chullos, which come complete with ear-covering flaps. Calendar waistbands are another important part of Taquile’s weaving tradition. These decorative pieces have abstract patterns that represent the changing seasons and agricultural cycles.

During the day you will walk around the scenic village and the nearby Inca ruins. The path through Taquile Island offers stunning views of the lake. At this point, you can stick with your group or do some exploring on your own.

Before you take a boat back to Puno, your group will stop at a restaurant near Taquile’s harbor for lunch. Then you’ll climb aboard a boat for one last ride across Lake Titicaca.

Attractions Visited

Lake Titicaca

At a staggering 12,467 feet (3,800 m) above sea level, Lake Titicaca seems to nearly touch the sky. Maybe this is why the Inca believed that it was here that Viracocha, the creator god, created the sun. According to Inca legend, other Titicaca natives include the first Inca king, Manco Copac. One of the highest lakes in the world, surrounded by mountains on either side, Titicaca is an obvious candidate for the stuff of legends.

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Taquile Island

Following the reed channels from the famous Uros floating islands, the next stop is the island of Taquile. Situated around 30 miles (45 km) and a 90-minute boat ride from Puno and famous for its weaving and knitting, Taquile Island offers up a fun place for travelers to visit.

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What to Bring

Money for handicrafts and personal expenses, a small gift for your host family, bottled water, sunglasses, sunblock, light comfortable clothing, and a jacket.

What's included

Transportation (hotel pickup and boat rides) lunch, dinner, and breakfast at a family home on Amantaní Island, lunch on Taquile Island, and an English-speaking guide.


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Traveler Comments

Great experience.

- LINDA A, SEP 2019

My homestay was amazing! Mamacita and her family were kind thoughtful and funny! The food was excellent and the house was very clean and comfortable!

- EILEEN R, APR 2019
Lake Titicaca is an enormous lake with islands that are home to indigenous people.Home Stay on Lake Titicaca 2-Day Trip6
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