While at first glance this small island looks rather unspectacular, it is a visitor favorite. Once you climb to the island’s 375-ft (114-m) summit you’ll see why.

A wooden staircase takes you directly to the top. From here, look out onto one of the best views in the Galápagos. On a clear day, the vista gives a unique perspective of the volcanic features of Bartolomé, the extensive Santiago lava fields, and the turquoise waters of surrounding shorelines. Don’t forget your camera - this is one of the most photogenic sites in the Galápagos.

After the hike to the top, a calm bay and sandy beach awaits. Visitors have a chance to cool off from the hike and snorkel around the bay. A large spire, known as Pinnacle Rock, rises out of the sea, and snorkeling around it is a popular activity. This is a good area to spot Galápagos penguins.

A trail leads to a beach on the other side of the peninsula. You can’t swim here due to stingrays and white-tipped sharks, but you might be able to spot sea turtles nesting from December to March. The nearby mangroves often host an assortment of birds, including herons, hawks, and oystercatchers.

Galapagos, Ecuador, South America

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