I Can Say We Did It All Ecuador

I Can Say We Did It All

We spent almost 20 days exploring all parts of the country — from the mainland, to the coast, to the Amazon. I can say we did it all!

19 Day Ecuador Itinerary
2 Adults
$170 pp/night
$6118 total USD

This was the trip of our dreams...

Overall, it was a terrific trip and we will recommend Anywhere.com anytime for a trip to Ecuador. We spent almost 20 days exploring every piece of the country, from the mainland, to the coast, to the Amazon, and I can say we did it all. We started the trip in Quito, where the hotel staff were all incredibly nice and helpful. It could get a bit noisy at night, but the staff was accommodating in helping us change to a quieter room.

What was our favorite part of the trip?

The Galapagos were wonderful. We island-hopped from Lobo Island to Leon Dormido Island, using San Cristobal as our base. Our accommodation, Galapagos Sunset Hotel, has a great view. We saw a lot of sea birds and playful sea lions up-close! From there we flew to our next destinations, which were Guayaquil, Cuenca, and Baños.

The Amazon took our breath away.

We enjoyed the change of scenery as we ventured more inland. The full-day hike at El Cajas National Park amazing. Finally, Anaconda Lodge is a magical place right in the heart of the Amazon forest. We enjoyed experiencing nature at its purest and learning about the Amazon Basin.


Free Breakfast for NaN day


private driverTo International Airport (TAME AIRLINES flight #EQ 195 at 09:15 AM) in Quito  
flightQuito to San Cristobal  
flightSan Cristobal to Guayaquil  
private driverTo Casa de Romero Bed & Breakfast in Guayaquil  
private driverGuayaquil to Cuenca  
private driverCuenca to Baños  
private driverBaños to Tena  
shuttleTena to Quito  
shuttleTena to Quito  
private driverTo International Airport ( Latam Airlines flight #XL 6306 at 07:45 AM ) in Quito  

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