Where is the best fishing in Peru?


The best places to go fishing include the coasts off Cabo Blanco, Máncora, Trujillo, Chiclayo, Tumbes, and Lima.

Órganos, a small beach town south of Máncora, has good deap-sea fishing 5–25 miles (8–40 km) off the coast. Fish for mahi mahi, tuna, and striped marlin here. The best fishing is in July and August and from December to April.

The lakes around Huaraz are stocked and provide the opportunity to catch freshwater fish. It's also possible to catch rainbow trout in the rivers that flow through the Central Andes.

In the Amazon Basin you can fish for piraña. To do this, you're provided with a hook and a chunk of meat. Toss the baited hook into the water and you'll soon feel a tug. Be careful when reeling in these fish, as they have razor-sharp teeth. Other fishing can be done along the Amazon and Tambopata rivers.

Areas along the South Coast near Ica also boast good fishing for sea bass and flounder.