Fine Arts Museum of Vietnam

Museum of Fine Arts has a rich and varied collection of artistic traditions from throughout Vietnam’s history. Some 3,000 works are on display, arranged chronologically from the prehistoric era to the present. It’s easy to spend several hours here — the museum is housed in a building so beautiful, it merits a visit all by itself.

0 - Fine Arts Museum of Vietnam, Vietnam
1 - Fine Arts Museum of Vietnam, Vietnam
2 - Fine Arts Museum of Vietnam, Vietnam

The museum has two buildings open to visitors. The main building displays major artistic works from across the country, and a smaller annex exhibits folk costumes, ceramics, and art from Vietnam’s ethnic minorities. From the ground floor and up, the art tells the story of Vietnam’s ancient history, its colonial influences, Communist idealism, and finally, its contemporary outlook.

There is a wealth of paintings and sculptures, as well as a collection of rare Cham art and several outstanding religious pieces. The works within the museum are well organized and labeled in English.

Save enough time for a stroll around the memorable building. The structure was first built in the 1930s as a boarding school for girls from elite families in the capital and the rest of Vietnam. The style is a classic example of French Indochina architecture — gorgeous tiles, shuttered windows and sun-lit verandas complete the effect.