Sapa Love Market

Sapa Love Market is right in downtown Sapa, near Sapa Stone Church. Here, you can buy a huge range of souvenirs from eager vendors, and sometimes catch locals performing. You’ll see some vendors scattered here throughout the week, but to see the market at its height you’ll want to visit on Saturday or Sunday.

The authenticity of some of the handicrafts isn’t definite — some of the products here are definitely mass-produced. Bear in mind that you can expect a pretty hard sell from the vendors here, so only approach if you’re fairly intent about wanting to buy something (or be ready to be polite but quite firm). You’ll see textiles, jewelry, and trinkets.

You’ll find the knickknacks spread on blankets next to the main stalls. This market doesn’t just sell souvenirs, and stalls nearby are filled with vendors that cater to locals, selling mostly food and tea. The vendors are wearing their traditional, colorful H’mong and Dao garb.

The North, Vietnam,
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