Old house of Tan Ky

One of the best examples of an 18th-century merchant home anywhere in Hoi An, the Tan Ky House has been diligently preserved through the years by seven generations of one Vietnamese family.

0 - Old house of Tan Ky, Vietnam
1 - Old house of Tan Ky, Vietnam
2 - Old house of Tan Ky, Vietnam
3 - Old house of Tan Ky, Vietnam
4 - Old house of Tan Ky, Vietnam

Located at 101 Nguyen Thai Hoc, the house offers an inside look at the domestic life of well-to-do Hoi An merchants. Tan Ky’s owners worked in agriculture and farmed their own land. The prosperity of the family business is evidenced by the furniture, decoration, and construction of the house. The materials chosen were of such quality that the house still stands much as it did in the 18th century, despite yearly floods and the ravages of time.

A walk through and around the house reveals strong Chinese and Japanese architectural influences. There are antiques from the farm and domestic life on display, and extraordinary mother-of-pearl lettering is inlaid on panels and columns. With a little imagination, it’s not hard to see how the open-air courtyard and cozy brick rooms could serve as a comfortable repose for a wealthy family.

Although there are insightful labels throughout the house, it’s still best to visit the house with a guide. There’s much more to the story of Tan Ky than meets the eye.