Vietnam Culinary Tourism

Traveling to Vietnam just for the food? You would not be the first! Vietnamese cuisine is world famous, but never more delicious than on the streets of its cities and in the homes of the locals. While there are some dishes you may already know - like Pho and Banh Mi -there is enough variety across each region to keep you discovering new favorites for months.

Hanoi Vietnam

The North

Vietnam's most famous dish, pho, is thought to have originated outside of Hanoi and is enjoyed by the bowlful all across the city at all times of the day. In the North, tastes are very 'pure' with very few additions added to the star of the show: the broth. Simple but strong flavors reign supreme here and time will tell if you prefer this to the more elaborate concoctions of the south.

Other classic Hanoi foods to find in the little streetside restaurants are the aforementioned barbequed pork and noodles of bun cha; the traditional combination of fish and dill in delicate cha ca; and the fun-to-eat, fun-to-say noodle bowl bun bo nam bo.