Nha Trang

Hotels crowd the shores of Nha Trang’s popular beach. This is a highly developed area, and visitors will have plenty of amusement parks and shopping centers to choose from. Nha Trang also has a lot of bars that quickly fill with travelers and backpackers after the sun sets. Accommodations in the area cater to the backpacker and resort crowds.

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Islands and Snorkeling Tour, Vietnam
Islands and Snorkeling TourNha Trang

Head out into the ocean to discover the best beaches and snorkeling spots around Nha Trang on this full-day tour. This tour includes private boat transfers, entry into the Mun Marine Park, and a seafood lunch on the beach. It’s the perfect way to spend a day in this seaside city.

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Nha Trang Culture Tour, Vietnam
Nha Trang Culture TourNha Trang

Learn more about the history and culture of Vietnam on this full-day tour of Nha Trang. You’ll explore the city’s natural, spiritual and cultural heritage with visits to museums, temples and local markets.

City Tour
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Area Guide

If you’re interested in the history of the area, make a stop at the Po Ngar Towers. These towers were built by the Cham people, a group with Indochinese origins. Their architecture looks quite unlike what you’ll see elsewhere in Vietnam — the towers have a distinctly Indian style.

This isn’t the most beautiful beach in Vietnam, but it has nice sand and a lively atmosphere. It can get crowded on nice days, and this area is especially popular with visitors from Europe and other parts of Asia. If you want a quiet moment to wander, you can find parks and sculpture gardens near the beach.