Belize Hotels

Belize is an island paradise made even better when you book the perfect accommodations for your travel needs. From honeymoon hideaways in the sleepy fishing village of Hopkins to luxurious oceanside getaways in Ambergris Caye — there is a Belize hotel for every type of tropical traveler. Think Belize is only for couples and leisure travelers? Think again...

Fancy yourself a rugged adventurer? Not only can you explore the exquisite Belize Barrier Reef, you can also do some supremely awesome jungle trekking where you'll see amazing creatures and ancient ruins. Double your intrepid pleasure by staying in a sustainable hotel or eco lodge.

Need something family friendly? Belize still fits the bill, and the best part is that there's still excitement (and possible romantic moments) for grown-ups to enjoy. Make a unique memory — go snorkeling for the first time as a family when you stay in Placencia Village or San Ignacio.

For the quintessential 'Belize getaway,' you can — of course—make your holiday one big study in the art of leisure. Who could blame you? Belize has beautiful beaches to lounge on, hammocks to nap in, and a wide range of tropical fruits and beverages someone must sample. Or, you can treat yourself to delicious seafood dinners after you go back to your hotel to freshen up from a wet and wild day of cave tubing or spelunking (caving). For the best of both worlds, book the holiday of your dreams and combine rest and relaxation with Belize adventure tours. When in doubt, our travel team will help you choose hotels that best fit your needs when they're helping you design your perfect Belize adventure vacation.