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Cultural Tours and Activities in Belize

Belize has one of the most interesting and diverse cultures in South America. You can see their culture in full force during a street festival, or a live music performance, or even in an everyday open-air market. Visit Maya, Kriol, and Garífuna villages to get a little closer to the culture of Belize.

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Mennonite Community Tour , Belize
Mennonite Community Tour San Ignacio

This tour takes you to Spanish Lookout, a town where you can encounter one of the most interesting pockets of culture in Belize. Here, a small Mennonite community runs idyllic dairy farms. They specialize in cheese, and provide the much of the cheese that Belizeans eat. You’ll have lunch at a local restaurant.

San Ignacio Town Tour, Belize
San Ignacio Town TourSan Ignacio

San Ignacio is a popular home-base for travelers who plan to explore Belize’s Maya ruins and jungles. But don’t just pass through – take a tour to get to know the culture of everyday life in this bustling part of the Cayo district. On this tour, you’ll also get to know the history of San Ignacio, which dates back to the days when it served as a center for British trade.

San Antonio Maya Community, Belize
San Antonio Maya CommunitySan Ignacio

The Maya have a long, rich history in Belize, and the San Antonio community welcomes visitors who want to know more about their culture and daily life. More importantly, you’ll get to try one of the delicious staples of the modern Maya diet – a homemade tortilla. This tour also has a crafty side, where you’ll learn how to make a ceramic clay pot.

Belizean Bites Lunch, Belize
Belizean Bites LunchAmbergris Caye

Discover hole-in-the-wall restaurants that visitors to San Pedro often miss on this eclectic foodie tour. Belizean cuisine is an interesting mix of Creole and Maya influences, one that you won’t find in many other places in the world. In addition to snacks, you’ll also get to sample the favorite local rum as well as a rum cocktail.

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