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Hiking is the best way to get up close to Belize’s most memorable attractions. In the lowlands, hike through the jungles, and stop to rest near waterfalls. In the Maya Mountains, you can hike past Belize’s most famous ruins, like the former palace of Cahal Pech. Visitors can also take hiking tours of the caves that the Maya used as burial grounds and places of worship. Tour guides are an essential part of navigating these wilds – both to lead the way and to provide educational information about the local flora and fauna.

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Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, Belize
Mountain Pine Ridge Forest ReserveSan Ignacio

Hike through the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve to see beautiful forests. You’ll experience two distinct environments—a tropical forest and a cool pine forest—as you explore caves and swim in the Río On pools.

Caracol Maya Temple, Belize
Caracol Maya TempleSan Ignacio

This tour will take you to two different nature reserves in the Maya Mountain region of western Belize. You'll get to see Maya ruins and some of the incredible natural formations that characterize this part of the country. Keep in mind that there is some hiking and climbing involved in this tour, so participants should be at least moderately fit and have no physical limitations.

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