Achuar Tribal Lands

The Achuar Tribal Lands allow visitors to meet an ancient people. In order to see their isolated homeland, you’ll take a long journey by plane or bus, then boat, and finally by foot. Along the way, you’ll see a diversity of plants and animals like nowhere else in the world.

The Achuar helped to forge the Pachamama Alliance, a program that facilitates ecologically sustainable tourism. Visit the Achuar to see how people thrive in the jungle. They used blow darts to hunt, one of the many interesting survival techniques they can demonstrate. The Achuar people still use traditional medicine, which plays a role in their shamanistic religion. Visitors are welcome to ask questions and watch as shamans demonstrate how to use various plants.

Nowadays, the Achuar have control over a fraction of their original territory. Drilling for oil presents a persistent threat. In recent years, the Achuar have staged several peaceful protests. Tourism adds an incentive for the government to limit their drilling and preserve this attraction.

Achuar Tribal Lands
Amazon, Ecuador, South America

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Achuar Tribal LandsAchuar Tribal Lands