Are Ecuador's Parks and Reserves Well Developed?

Many of Ecuador’s parks and reserves are well developed, and highly visited. Ecuador has around 30 parks and reserves, including the Galápagos, Machalilla National Park, and Cajas National Park. Visiting a park or a reserve in Ecuador is one of the top reasons to travel to the country.

Ecuador’s government has not always had the money to maintain their parks. For instance, the Cayapas-Mataje and Manglares-Churute reserves were developed to protect the diminishing mangroves, but they were initially poorly marked. Moreover, the locals didn’t know of their existence.

Parks and reserves you visit in Ecuador will have maps, a visitor’s center, and restrooms. Depending on how much the federal and local governments have been able to budget for conservation, each park has varying levels of upkeep.

We recommend you travel to Ecuador's national parks with an experienced guide. In addition to helping you navigate, they can provide you with useful information about what you see.

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