Destinos Culturales en Ecuador

La cultura ecuatoriana es una mezcla de influencias Andinas, Incas, indígenas amazónicas y españolas. En lugares como Quito, varias tradiciones culturales conviven en un mismo destino, mientras que en áreas como las Amazonas las influencias culturales están bastante separadas. En cada uno de los siguientes destinos, los viajeros estarán inmersos en la cultura ecuatoriana. Aquí se encuentran museos para explorar, gastronomía que degustar y tours. Alístese para experimentar lo mejor de la cultura ecuatoriana en estos destinos.

Cuenca Ecuador

Southern Sierra

To explore the profound spirituality of Cuenca, visit churches like the Church of El Carmen Asunción and Iglesia San Sebastian. These are some of the oldest and most famous churches in the area.

Alausí Ecuador

Southern Sierra

When you get here, you'll get to meet Quechuas — a native people that have lived in the Andes since long before the Inca made their mark on the landscape. You can book cozy accommodations here that are a short distance from the Nariz del Diablo train station.

The town itself makes a charming and distinctive backdrop for some small-town exploration — the houses are painted with bright colors and the streets are lined with cobblestone. Visitors here should make sure to come in time for the Sunday Market, which is another opportunity for getting to know the people who live here, and admiring their handicrafts and artwork.