What Is Guatemalan Food Like?

Guatemalan food relies heavily on rice, corn, beans, meat, and tortillas. It's hearty and satisfying. Cities like Guatemala City and Antigua have good restaurants and ample options, including international cuisine. Local restaurants usually have more simple fare, with grilled or fried meat, beans, eggs, and tortillas. These ingredients are often used for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Tamales are a popular Guatemalan item. These are made from corn meal and have turkey or pork wrapped into a banana leaf alongside tomato sauce and olives. Regional stews are important in Guatemala, and they're often spicy and meaty. While you're on the Caribbean coast, try a tapado - this is a seafood stew made with coconut milk and plantains. In coastal destinations, you'll also run across ceviche (raw fish cooked with lime juice), camarones (shrimp), and fried fish.

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