Guatemala Lakes

Guatemala's Lake Atitlán may get all of the attention, but it's about time it started sharing the spotlight with the nation's other two lakes — Lake Izabal and Lake Petén Itzá, because each lake is absolutely stunning. So outside of summer camp, why would you choose to vacation at one of Guatemala's lakes? What is there to do after you've witnessed the beauty and bounty of these gorgeous bodies of water? Plenty! In fact, there's an activity for every type of traveller — whether you're seeking rest and relaxation or are a bonafide adrenaline junkie, we have you covered.

Lake Peten Itza Guatemala
Lake Peten Itza


Dense jungle and ruins from the Maya’s glory days surround the lake. El Remate is a popular stop on the way to Tikal National Park, where you can see the striking ruins of Temple I and Temple IV. There’s quite a collection of Maya sites in this part of northern Guatemala, including Yaxhá, Topoxté, Ceibal, Aguateca, and Uaxactún — to name just a few. These are beautiful sites where you can learn about the art and history of the Mayan civilization.

For a closer look at the wildlife native to this part of Guatemala, you might stop at the zoo on Petencito Island, where wild pigs roam free. While you're here, you'll also get a good look at jaguars and ocelots. When you've had enough time in the sun, check out the subterranean attractions — interesting formations make the underground passageways of the Aktún Kan Caves especially haunting.

Lake Atitlan Guatemala
Lake Atitlan

Western Highlands

Local tours offer multiple ways to get around the lake — you might try a biking tour, a horseback riding tour, or a guided hike to the top of San Pedro Volcano. Hike on paths through nature reserves and coffee plantations and take in stunning vistas along the way. Tour the Mayan villages that surround the lakes and notice differences in traditional dress as you travel from village to village.