Guatemala Volcanoes

If you've never seen a volcano in real life, then you're in for a treat! Guatemala's volcanoes dot the country's landscape, and many of them extend along the spine of the Sierra Madre Mountains within the western portion of the nation. A Guatemalan volcano is big, powerful, and impressive — some even spew ash and lava on a regular basis. However, they also command a certain amount of respect and a great deal of caution, as the world learned during Guatemala's volcanic eruption of 2018, when Guatemala's Volcan de Fuego devastated nearby villages. The important thing to remember when visiting volcanic regions is to be aware of the looming giant's level of activity, and ensure that an exit strategy is in place.

Antigua Guatemala

Central Highlands

Fuego Volcano is possible to visit on days when its eruptions aren’t too dangerous — it’s common to see thick clouds of smoke billowing from its crater. Climb the peak of Acatenango on a hike for the best views of Fuego Volcano in the distance. You can also opt for a more challenging trek on an overnight adventure on Pacaya Volcano.

Escuintla Guatemala

Pacific Slope

If you're in the area, you should check out the nearby Pacaya Volcano. You can hike all the way to the summit, on a trail that’s 2.3 miles . The volcano crater sometimes spews ash and lava, which you can observe at a safe distance.