Guatemala Transportation Guide & Booking Service

Guatemala Transportation Guide & Booking Service

Travel involves transportation, and choosing the right transportation option can have a big impact on your trip. There are a number of ways to get around, including private transfers, shuttles, rental cars, domestic flights, boats, and public buses. When determining the best option, consider your travel route, timeframe, and budget. You might choose to rent a car for your entire trip or use shuttles, buses, and boats to explore Guatemala. The following guide explains transportation in Guatemala — understanding your options will help ensure a comfortable, efficient and fulfilling trip.

Guatemala Rental Car Booking Service

Rental cars can be a wonderful way to explore Guatemala.

With your own wheels, you’ll have the freedom do go where you want, when you want. That allows for a great deal of flexibility and the potential to find lesser-visited Guatemalan gems. However, rental cars are not without their risks, and it’s a good idea to thoroughly think it out before renting one.

Guatemala Private Ground Transportation

Private transportation is a good option for travelers who desire comfort and flexibility while exploring a new country.

These personal shuttles will take you anywhere in Guatemala and can typically accommodate changes in your schedule.

Guatemala Shuttle Transportation & Booking Service

Shared shuttles offer convenient transportation between popular Guatemalan destinations.

The shuttles are comfortable and typically have door-to-door service.

Domestic Flights in Guatemala

At present, domestic flights within Guatemala are fairly limited.

The only regularly scheduled flights travel between Guatemala City and Flores, with a flight time of about 45 minutes. There are, however, ongoing improvements to many airports around the country – including those at Quetzaltenango, Huehuetenango, Retalhuleu, and Puerto San José – and it’s hoped that there will be a good network of local flights in the coming years.