Kuta Lombok

Kuta Lombok is the main town on Lombok’s south coast and the hub for exploring southern Lombok. There are stunning white sand beaches, crystal-clear blue ocean, interesting dive sites, and challenging surf breaks. The area is known for its breathtaking scenery and peaceful atmosphere. The town is growing from a backpacker and surf destination to a more mainstream vacation spot, but there are still plenty of places to get away from it all. Located 25 minutes south of Lombok International Airport in Praya, and 37 miles (60 km) south of Mataram, Kuta is ideal for day trips and surf holidays.

Kuta Lombok


Kuta maintains much of its fishing village character, but ongoing development is slowly changing the area. There are accommodations available for all budgets. The people are friendly to foreigners, and you’ll meet plenty of foreigners who are here for the world-famous surf. The town is surrounded by cliffs and mountains and there are many spots where you can take epic photos. Near Kuta Beach are all the cafes, restaurants, surf shops, and stores you’d expect. The beachfront is a middling, but a more modern boardwalk experience is slowly being constructed.

Kuta Beach is very popular and home to several surf breaks. Rent a scooter and head either east or west along the coast to explore the beaches — you will likely have some all to yourself. Going west, visit Mawan to see a beautiful bay with a largely unoccupied beach great for walking. At Lancing, you’ll see calm surf with a shallow reef drop-off that’s great for floating around. Make a stop at Selong Belanak for oceanfront dining on a spectacular white sand beach. To the east, Seger Beach is the highlight, a gorgeous strip of white sand split by an easily climbed Highland that’s perfect for sunset viewing. You can find more great surfing at Kuta, Are Goling, Mawi, and Gerupuk.

Fill your days with fishing and diving tours. Local attractions include The Bat Cave near Mawun Beach, where a local guide will show you a cave full of bats. While recent growth in Kuta has resulted in improvements in conditions and services, petty theft has become a problem, so be aware of your belongings on the beach and in your hotel.

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