Costa Rica Beaches

You know Costa Rica is an adventurer's paradise, but did you know that it's also a great country for a beach getaway? The nation boasts nearly 300 beaches, each with a unique draw and distinct setting. Whether you find yourself on Costa Rica's Caribbean coast exploring Puerto Viejo or Costa Rica's Pacific coast exploring Esterillos Oeste, you'll find something to discover and enjoy. Even on nearby beaches, the sand can vary from white, to black, or brown coloration, but it can get even more unique than that. Playa Conchal's sand is actually made of millions of crushed seashells! Some beaches even have sand so soft and fine it can only be described as 'fluffy.'

Manuel Antonio Beaches Where Rainforest Meets the Sea Costa Rica
Manuel Antonio Beaches Where Rainforest Meets the Sea

Central Pacific

First and foremost, you can go for a swim in the ocean. If you want to observe some of Costa Rica's extraordinary marine life up-close, then you'll definitely want to book yourself a snorkeling or diving adventure. You can also glide atop the water when you take a surfing lesson, kayak, or stand up paddleboarding. When you need a break from the waves, you can have a picnic on the beach, or engage in some photography and sketching. Many of the beaches are picturesque in part because they are so pristine — a byproduct of the Manuel Antonio National Park, a gracious 1,700 acres of land and 136,000 acres of ocean .

When the Sun finally sinks down into the ocean , your oceanside evening is just beginning. On sultry nights, you can dine al fresco on fresh seafood. Fall asleep to the sound of the ocean when you stay near the beach, or choose a hotel in Manuel Antonio that offers a higher vantage point, and watch waves crash against the surf below.

Take time to appreciate how soothing and beautiful the coast really is when you book your Costa Rica beach vacation in Manuel Antonio.

The Very Fun Tamarindo Beach Costa Rica
The Very Fun Tamarindo Beach


Golden sunsets fade into a sapphire ocean in the evening, making this the perfect way to end the day trip you took out on a catamaran...the snorkeling was fantastic! On tomorrow's agenda: a canopy tour, followed by a surf lesson.

On those days when you need to take a break from all of your adventures, you can read the paper over an amazingly fresh cup of coffee, and then head to the local market to pick up some fresh food for an afternoon picnic on the beach. It's going to be so great to walk on warm sand, peek into tide pools, and listen to the sound of the ocean. Now this is a vacation...

Beaches & Tropical Forest Surround Mal Pais- Santa Teresa Costa Rica
Beaches & Tropical Forest Surround Mal Pais- Santa Teresa

Nicoya Peninsula

The Mal País area is the choice when you want a quieter vibe. On the other hand the Santa Teresa attracts a younger and more outgoing crowd and therefore has a higher density of small hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars. The primary driver for the growth of the area aside from its beauty is its year round and consistent surf for both experts and beginners. Other activities throughout the area include fishing, snorkel, canopy and nature hikes in the nearby Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve.

In the mood for romance and have an appetite? The Santa Teresa and Mal pais region offers some of the best international cuisine in Costa Rica and we are happy to point you in the right direct for a world class meal. Your Anywhere Travel Expert can recommend a sunset dinner tour in El Carmen Beach as well. You'll enjoy one of Santa Teresa's nicest beaches, and watch the sunset as the two of you share a meal at a beachfront restaurant.

You can find hotels with elegant canopies and floor to ceiling folding windows, swimming pools and complimentary breakfasts, beach views, yoga studios, Santa Teresa and Mal Pais there is accommodation for every traveler. Whether you're a first time backpacker or a busy professional looking to unplug and unwind, Mal País and Santa Teresa offer you just the right amount of excitement and tranquility.

Puerto Viejo de Limon — The Beach That's a Best Kept Secret Amongst Locals Costa Rica
Puerto Viejo de Limon — The Beach That's a Best Kept Secret Amongst Locals


You may hear Puerto Viejo de Limon referred to as simply 'Puerto Viejo' or Talamanca. Talamanca is the name Costa Rica's indigenous people ascribed to the region, and you can learn all about them on a cultural tour. Discover how the beaches and forests you enjoy for pleasure were crucial to their livelihood.

The best way to appreciate Puerto Viejo de Limon, Costa Rica is to spend ample time enjoying it. Though you're sure to be lured by the canopy tours of the forest, don't forget to grab a pair of flippers for a snorkeling excursion — this is a beach vacation, after all! Better yet choose accommodations close enough to let you fall asleep to the sound of the ocean, and start your day with a relaxing bike ride or walk to the beach. Starting your day with briny sea air is surprisingly energizing and refreshing!

The Huge Crescent Beach of Samara Costa Rica
The Huge Crescent Beach of Samara

Nicoya Peninsula

Samara is the beach of choice when you simply want to enjoy yourself. The town boasts a little bit of a nightlife scene, and a generous amount of restaurants, shops, and more. As for Samara accommodations, you can enjoy clean and cozy, unpretentious rooms or indulge in something luxurious. Whatever you choose, you'll never be too far from the beach — after all, that's the reason you're here!

Bask in golden sunlight, listen to the waves nestled in a hammock, or enjoy a variety of beach activities. You'll have a great time kayaking over aquamarine waters, birdwatching on the nearby Chora Island, snorkeling and enjoying coral reefs and marine wildlife, or simply going for a swim in calm and warm waters. You're at Samara Beach — there's no rush to choose your ideal beach adventure...even if that's nothing more than getting out of bed to play outside.

The Beaches of Nosara, Guiones, Garza, Pelada — Oh My! Costa Rica
The Beaches of Nosara, Guiones, Garza, Pelada — Oh My!

Nicoya Peninsula