A cluster of villages perched along a northern ridgeline of Mount Rinjani, Senaru is the gateway to trekking adventures and surrounded by glorious scenery. Senaru includes the villages of Senaru, Batu Koq, and Tumpang Sari; all which flow into another along Jalan Pariwisata as it heads from the coast towards the volcano. While the main action here is climbing the imposing Mount Rinjani, the area offers other charms including waterfalls, scenic treks, and traditional villages. Senaru is 2.5 hours from Mataram in North Lombok Regency.

Lombok, Indonesia,

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Senaru is within the borders of Gunung Rinjani National Park. 102,128 acres (41,330 ha) of nature preserve surrounds the mighty Mount Rinjani. The sacred and still-active stratovolcano towers 12,224 feet (3,726 m) above Lombok. Volcano trekking is popular but far from easy. From Senaru, guided tours lead trekkers to the summit. Hikers can also take the easier ascent to the caldera rim or descend into the caldera to visit Segara Anak Lake. Tours are available from April to November dry season. Book in advance if possible, as tours take multiple days.

Waterfalls are the other big attractions. An easy trek leads to Sedang Gile, which towers 30 meters high with two levels of streams cascading down a foliage covered cliff face into a rocky pool below. From there, a 45-minute hike through lush jungle leads to Tiu Kelep Waterfall. This gorgeous and impressive waterfall features a 147-foot (45-m) dual cascade that plunges into an icy, swimmable pool. The water is flush with volcanic sulfur and is said to have healing properties.

There are a variety of treks available in Senaru to satisfy all skill levels. Rinjani is no joke — the terrain is challenging, the volcano is active, and ascents should only be attempted by the fit. Panoramic walks visit waterfalls, rice fields, and stunning ridgeline vistas. There are easy sunrise and sunset walks with opportunities to take pictures of Mount Rinjani.

Accommodations are found in the villages and range from hotels to homestays. Dining is limited to local warungs serving Indonesian fare. Senaru Traditional Village offers opportunities to observe villagers in their day to day lives, Sasak architecture, and enjoy cultural dance and crafts. The village has an unusual religious heritage — the locals practice Wetu Telu, a strain of Islam combined with Animism and Balinese Hindu that is unique to Lombok.

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