What is Vietnam's Landscape Like?

Vietnam is roughly divided into north, south, and central regions. You can also find a few islands off the coast. The landscape varies quite a bit from region to region, along with the climate and local culture.

Vietnam’s landscape is mountainous to the north, with fields of wet rice paddies to the south in the Mekong Delta. Central Vietnam has enormous caves protected by incredible national parks. The coast snakes along the East Sea and then curves to the Gulf of Thailand to the west.

The Hoang Lien Son Mountain range dominates the north and includes Mount Fansipan, Vietnam’s tallest mountain, as the mountains of Sapa. Porous limestone makes up much of the scenery in central and northern Vietnam, and the landscape features many caves as well as the Marble Mountain Range. There are also mountains in the Southwest Highlands. The Lang Biang mountain range is where you can visit the French colonial village of Dalat.

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