What is Weather Like in Vietnam?

Vietnam has a tropical climate, with a rainy and humid season as well as a hot, dry season. It gets chilly in the north during the winter, especially in the mountains, but other than that Vietnam has a mostly very warm climate. There are advantages to traveling during the rainy season — it's a lush time of year to see tropical plants. Consult a travel expert about where you want to go and what you want to do before you decide what season is best for your visit.

Vietnam experiences a typhoon season. It starts in May or June in the north and gradually moves south, arriving in southern Vietnam around November. Typhoons are accompanied by intense flooding. Vietnam typically experience a couple of these types of storms every year.

Climate depends on the region:

North Vietnam experiences the hottest temperatures and most rain from May to October. It gets especially cold in the mountains from December to January.

It's rainiest in central Vietnam from October to December. Rainy season in Dalat is longer, and lasts from June to October. Near the coast, the winter temperatures are springy and fairly warm. It gets hot in the summer months.

Temperatures don't vary too much in southern Vietnam — it's almost always warm. Throughout the year, the temperatures generally vascillate between 77º to 95º Fahrenheit (25º to 35°C). The dry season lasts From May to Decembe.

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