Baltra Island

For most visitors, Baltra Island’s scrubby, arid landscape is their first look at the Galápagos. This island has the main airport in the Galápagos, and serves as the departure point for cruise ships.

Baltra Island Best Things to Do

VIP Lounge for Arrivals, Ecuador
VIP Lounge for ArrivalsBaltra

We have a large space to welcome our guests in a pleasant and sustainable environment. We offer personalized assistance, Wi Fi, free and unlimited soft drinks and snacks; we also have an extensive menu of cocktails, wines, and specialty dishes at affordable prices.

VIP Lounge for Departures, Ecuador
VIP Lounge for DeparturesBaltra

We have an exclusive area, which if required, can increase its capacity to serve a large group of visitors in a sustainable and comfortable environment. We offer special attention to our guests, Wi Fi, free and unlimited soft drinks and snacks. Furthermore, the possibility to taste our extensive menu of cocktails, wines and alcoholic beverages, as well as special dishes at moderate cost.

0 - Baltra Island, Ecuador
1 - Baltra Island, Ecuador
2 - Baltra Island, Ecuador
3 - Baltra Island, Ecuador
4 - Baltra Island, Ecuador
5 - Baltra Island, Ecuador

Area Guide

There’s not much for visitors to see here. Due to the transportation infrastructure, this island has not been able maintain the same level of biodiversity as the other islands. It is very close to Santa Cruz Island, which is the island in the Galápagos with the largest selection of accommodations.

Baltra Island has an airstrip, built in the 1940s by the U.S. government as part of an air force base. The U.S. no longer has an air force presence in the Galápagos, so the Ecuadorian military has taken over the base.

Baltra Island is sometimes also referred to as South Seymour. This island was originally named in honor of Lord Hugh Seymour, who was an admiral in the British Navy who fought during the French Revolution.

Baltra Island Things To Do