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This tour takes you to explore Floreana Island, the island with arguably the most eccentric history in the Galápagos. It has seen its fair share of human activity, beginning with 18th-century whalers. On this tour you’ll see some remnants of that history, as well as plants and animals that are rare even by Galápagos standards—Floreana Island has its very own endemic species of finch called a medium tree finch, to offer just one example.

7:45 AM to 8:00 AM

Pick-up from your hotel.

8:00 AM

Board the passenger boat for the tour.

9:45 AM

Arrive at the port town of Puerto Velasco Ibarra, where you can observe sea lions and iguanas.

From here, you’ll take a bus to Asilo de la Paz, which is part of the island's volcanic highlands. Pirates first came here when a wayward current pushed them to the island. There’s also a small population of endemic tortoises—these tortoises knew the island’s first human inhabitants. You’ll also get to see caves and medicinal plants that the first arrivals used to survive, along with the fresh water and fruit they could find in the area.

This tour includes a stop at Playa Negra which is named after its black sand. You’ll also get to stop for lunch at a local restaurant.

Before you leave, you’ll go snorkeling at a spot called Lobería. There’s a small patch of sand where you can see sea lions and an underwater landscape where you’ll get to observe sea turtles, tropical fish, and manta rays.

3:00 PM

Hop on board the speed boat to head back to Santa Cruz.

5:00 PM

Arrive back at Puerto Ayora in Santa Cruz.

What to Bring

Sturdy walking shoes, light jacket in case of rain, comfortable clothes, sunglasses, sunscreen, and money for tips and personal expenses.

What's included

Entrance fees, transportation, guided naturalist tour, lunch at a restaurant, and snorkeling equipment.
Floreana Island Tour

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