La Costa de Ecuador

Es mejor visitar la costa durante la época seca entre julio y noviembre para que pueda aprovechar al máximo las áreas de playa. Al norte de Guayaquil las costas están llenas de manglares. Las ciudades portuarias como Manta son conocidas por sus coloridos mercados de pescado. Al sur, las playas del Pacífico de Ecuador se están tornando populares sitios de vacaciones para cientos de personas de todo el mundo. Ecuador se jacta de un creciente número de complejos turísticos junto a la playa, pero muchas de las playas más hermosas del país se mantienen poco concurridas y prístinas.

Guayaquil Ecuador


From the beaches, you can easily access the Agua Blanca community — an ancestral community of over 86 families, full of exciting adventures, delicious cuisine, and relaxation opportunities...sulfur lagoon anyone?

As the "commercial heart" of the country, you'll be able to enjoy everything from fine dining to luxury accommodations. A daytrip to Montecristi will show you how authentic Panama hats are made from toquilla straw. A jaunt to Rocafuerte will net you some delicious avocado ceviche with peanuts!

From taking in sunset views to renewing your love of sketching, Guayaquil's coastline is sure to entice you to spend some time admiring the beauty of the division between land and sea.

Montañita Ecuador


Because of the many visitors to this area, Montañita provides ample opportunity for sport fishing — the Humboldt Current supports huge schools of fish like snapper, tuna, and grouper. Day trips along the coastline might also include stops at off the beaten path Islands like Punta Mala, Salango, or Los Ahorcados. From June to September, you can take a whale watching tour for the chance to see a humpback leaping from the air in a graceful breech.

Montañita’s laidback, fun-loving atmosphere has transformed this part of Ecuador’s coast into a haven for surfers and backpackers. The popular beach is lined with bars, restaurants, and shops that cater to a hippie crowd.