Chiquimulilla Canal

The Canal de Chiquimulilla is a man-made canal that extends from Guatemala’s border with El Salvador to Puerto San José. Running parallel to the Pacific coastline, this canal is lined with mangrove wetlands that harbor a number of animals.

The Canal de Chiquimulilla supports important habitats for a variety of plant and animal species. Five basins and sub basins drain into the canal, which makes the water here fertile and rich with nutrients. Boat tours of the canal allow travelers to search for birds, fish, and caiman. Your best chance of spotting birds is early in the morning.

The canal is also used for transportation and commerce between nearby communities. This was, in fact, its original purpose. Constructed between 1889 and 1895, the canal allows for increased connection between the three departments that it passes through.

Pacific Slope, Guatemala, Central America

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