Guatemala Vacation

The nation of Guatemala is so beautiful, which makes it tempting to want to see everything the country has to offer during your Guatemala vacation. This is possible, but maybe not in the span of a single trip. Guess you'll have to visit the country more than once! In the meantime, you can visit three to four destinations in a 7-10 day period, and have an entirely different experience in each of them. Whether you're looking to play in nature in Panajachel or want to explore the country's cultural dimensions in Quetzaltenango, you're guaranteed to find something you like on this list of destinations.

Guatemala is big and has a varied landscape that includes the mountains of Sololá, volcanoes in Santa Cruz La Laguna, the jungles of Baja Verapaz, the famous Lake Atitlán, and the beaches of Lívingston. This is nice for you, because this impressive variety is sure to keep you from getting bored during your vacation in Guatemala. Although, you have to search for boredom in here. One minute, you're trekking through Tikal, the next, you're dining in Antigua. When you find yourself in the great outdoors, you can go mountain biking, birdwatching, explore ruins, shop, fish...the list goes on.

The following destinations are arranged into categories that will help you decide where to go. You decide how much fun you'll have (Spoiler Alert it's bound to be a lot)!

Adventures Guatemala

Whether your activities take you above ground as you trek through jungles or below ground whilst you venture through caves, one thing is for sure — Guatemala's adventure tours are anything but boring!

Nature Guatemala

Discover the beauty of the natural world when you visit Guatemala's nature sites in Monterrico, Alta Verapaz, El Remate, and more. Ruins, mountain bike trails, mangrove tours, and wildlife of all kinds are waiting for you to book your Guatemalan nature vacation.

Rest & Relaxation Guatemala
Rest & Relaxation

Guatemala's leisure activities are in ample supply if you're planning a vacation where rest and relaxation are top priorities. From the small and traditional village of Santa Catalina Palopó to the port town of Iztapa, these are the Guatemalan getaways big on peace, quiet, and low-key adventure.

Off The Beaten Path Guatemala
Off The Beaten Path

Go tubing in Alta Verapaz, explore the jungles near the Mayan site of Yaxhá, and see an actual castle near Lake Izabal. These are the most unique places in Guatemala, and you'll find them only if you're willing to go off the beaten track.

Mayan Guatemala

During your vacation exploring Guatemala's Mayan roots, consider the fact that although an empire may fall, it can always find a way to leave its legacy behind.

Colonial Guatemala

If you're seeking a vacation with a more academic slant, then you'll have a great time watching the page come to life when you examine the legacy of Guatemala's colonial history in these destinations.

You definitely don't want to skip Antigua, it's a UNESCO World Heritage Site!