Carmelita Village

Carmelita Village is a small town in Petén that serves as a jumping off point for treks to El Mirador. The village is set within the Maya Biosphere Reserve at the end of the road from Flores.

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El Mirador 5-day Trail, Guatemala
El Mirador 5-day TrailCarmelita Village

This tour offers you the opportunity to hike to the archaeological site El Mirador, which is one of the best Mayan sites in Guatemala. You'll explore the tropical jungle as you make your way along a trail towards El Mirador.

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The town of Carmelita is small and basic – it’s little more than group of houses and a few simple restaurants and stores. Trekking tours to the Mayan site of El Mirador begin here, so travelers will likely only be in Carmelita if they plan on hoofing it overland to El Mirador. The town has a small visitor center and a gift shop that sells maps and souvenirs.

The hike to El Mirador usually takes about five days. The hike in can be grueling and involve slogging through deep mud. Mules carry supplies. It’s also possible to ride horses, which is an especially good idea during the wet season. Trekking during the dry season months of February, March and April is usually easiest.

Feedback From Travelers

did not expect to find the village like it was. My expectation was of a smaller and very basic set-up. Very nice surprise and adequate facilities.

- JIM M, OCT 2015