2 Day Hiking, Culture, Swimming Photo
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2 Day Hiking, Culture, Swimming Photo2 Day Hiking, Culture, Swimming Photo

This 2-day tour includes visits to the town of Huehuetenango, the sinkhole of Hoyo del Cimarron, the village of Chacula, and the lake of Laguna Brava. It offers travelers an authentic and interesting experience in Guatemala.

This tour offers travelers the chance to go hiking, sleep in a 100 year-old house, talk to people affected by the Mexican war, and learn about Guatemalan culture and belief systems.

The first day begins with an 8:00 AM departure from Huehuetenango. You'll travel to the Trinidad village and walk about 40 minutes to El Hoyo del Cimarron. This massive limestone sinkhole descends approximately 550 feet (170 m) and is truly an incredible sight.

Next you'll continue on to the village of Chacula, where you'll spend the night in a 100 year-old house. The house is made of stones that were also used to construct Mayan temples. Despite its age, the house is very comfortable.

You'll have breakfast here the next morning and head out around 7:00 AM to the village of Yalambojoch. From here you'll begin a 2-hour hike to Laguna Brava, one of the most beautiful lakes in Guatemala. This hike provides you with an intimate experience in the Guatemalan forest and a chance to enjoy beautiful views along the way. The lake has clear, clean water and you can swim here if you're feeling up to it.

After a picnic and a swim, the tour continues with a walk back to Yalambojoch, which takes about 3 hours. You will then return to Huehuetenango and end the tour.

What to Bring

Comfortable clothes, hiking shoes, camera, hat, sunscreen, water bottle, and money for entrance fees, personal expenses, food and drinks.

What's included

Transportation, guides, one night of accommodations, and breakfast.
2 Day Hiking, Culture, Swimming