Panama Islands

Whether you need a little bit of peace and quiet or a lot, a Panama island vacation can offer you everything you want out of a vacation — adventure, sunshine, excitement, tranquility, and fun! Panama has hundreds of islands, and they each offer a unique experience — from the colour of the sand to activities you can enjoy. On the Caribbean coast, you'll find the Bocas del Toro and Guna Yala archipelagos. Along the Pacific side, there are the Pearl Islands and islands within the Gulf of Chiriquí.

Isla Colon Panama
Isla Colon

Bocas del Toro Province

There are excellent places to surf on Isla Colón, like the reef break called the Paunch and the Playa Bluff beach. Playa Bluff is also an important site for sea turtles. For more surfing, you might want to take a quick trip to Isla Carenero for more impressive waves. If you want to swim, check out the Laguna Piscina or the white-sand beach of Bocas del Drago.

Isla Contadora Archipelago Perlas Panama
Isla Contadora Archipelago Perlas

Gulf of Panama and Canal Zone

Most travelers get around the island on golf carts or bikes, and there isn’t a lot of nightlife — both factors that make this island for guests who want to bum around the beach and explore the scenery. You will have an abundance of beaches to choose from, as well as coral reefs and gorgeous snorkeling attractions. You can find reefs off of the coast of beaches like Playa Galeón and Playa Larga. For more diving options, consider following a guide to some of the uninhabited nearby islands.