Ecuador Airports

Who would have thought that Ecuador's airports have so much to offer? Okay, maybe not the airports themselves, but definitely the locations that they're in! Ecuador's two international airports are located in Quito and Guayaquil — two cities with impressive architecture, interesting people, and exciting activities for those who enjoy city living. There are also a handful of domestic airports scattered around the rest of the country; needless to say, each of these locales has their own charm and attractions too.

The following destinations have an airport, and if you plan on flying into, out of, or around Ecuador, you'll want to consider spending at least a day or two in these places. The hotels in these destinations tend to be comfortable and convenient. An added bonus? Some of these destinations will place you near the great outdoors, meaning you can explore the actual city your Ecuador airport is located in, as well as the surrounding jungle, sierra, or nearby island. You'll never look at flying the same way again.