As a rowdy backpacker hub, Montañita offers travelers a lively scene alongside white sand beaches and world-renowned surfing.

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Whale Watching Tour, Ecuador
Whale Watching TourMontañita

Between June and October, around 7,000 humpback whales travel from Antarctica to Ecuador’s coast. They migrate to this area to mate and give birth in Ecuador’s warm Pacific waters. Machalilla National Park is ideally located for visitors to come and watch the humpback whales that have gathered near the coast.

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Plata Island Full-Day Tour, Ecuador
Plata Island Full-Day TourMontañita

Within Machalilla National Park, you can set sail for Plata Island. This island has many of the same characteristics and endangered species as the Galápagos Islands. Observe some of them on this fun, full-day tour.

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The thatched roof hotels and busy street corridors of Montañita make this one of the liveliest places on Ecuador’s Pacific coast. A popular destination among backpackers and surfers, the town is mostly comprised of young faces. A colorful cast of hippies make up the resident population, and sell a variety of textiles and jewelry along the streets. Be prepared to join, or avoid, the loud parties during the weekends.

The many hotels, restaurants and bars are open year round, but expect the town to be packed during the high season from January–February. Internet is readily available, as is fresh seafood and vegetarian food.

The long beach break that extends along Montañita’s coastline makes this a popular destination among surfers. From December–April, consistent swells and a variety of different breaks create optimal conditions for beginner and expert surfers alike. Montañita also hosts a handful of professional surf contests throughout the surf season.