Chilasco Waterfall

The Chilascó Waterfall, also known as “El Salto de Chilascó,” is one of Central America’s tallest waterfalls. Tucked within the Sierra de las Minas Biosphere Reserve, this waterfall crashes through a thick section of the jungle.

Locals claim that the Chilascó Waterfall is 430 feet (130 m) tall, while other sources place it at 230 feet (70 m). Whatever its height, the falls are truly spectacular. As you approach them along the trail, you’re treated to a view of the water slicing through the dense green jungle. It’s quite the sight.

The falls are accessed via the small town of San Rafael Chilascó. There’s a tourist information center in town—from here, it’s 1.5 miles (2 km) to the trailhead. The hike to the waterfall is just less than 2 miles (3 km). The trail can be steep and muddy, so wear good shoes and maybe even rubber boots in the rainy season. It’s recommended to bring a guide.

As you make your way along the trail, you’ll first come to a smaller waterfall known as El Saltito. Afterwards you’ll take another trail that descends to the larger fall. This trail has stunning views and passes through cloud forests and agricultural fields planted with broccoli, cabbage, and potatoes. There are two lookouts that offer wonderful views of the Chilascó Waterfall, so have your camera ready.

Still wondering what the tallest waterfalls in Central America are? That title goes to the Hidden Valley Falls in Belize, which measure up to almost 1,500 feet (450 m).

Central Highlands, Guatemala, Central America

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