Semuc Champey Tour

Semuc Champey Tour

Hostal Oasis de Lanquin presents a tour to one of Guatemala’s top destinations, the glittering turquoise waters of Semuc Champey. Seen from above, they form interestingly shaped limestone pools that look like oversized aquamarine gems. This amazing adventure also takes you to a cave and river tubing, so you’ll be enjoying a full day of outdoor adventures.

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Although you’re likely to find yourself in Lanquin so as to pass through to your adventures in Semuc Champey or down the Rio Cahabón, there is a quiet beauty prevalent within this village. Somewhat romantic in its simplicity, Lanquin is surrounded by the overwhelming presence of Guatemala’s Central Highlands — the village itself sunk into a valley surrounded by emerald hills. Colorful remnants of Spanish-Colonial architecture remain, usurped by the agricultural communities growing cardamom and coffee on the outside of town. This is your entryway to Semuc Champey…

The Road to Adventure

Your day of exploration begins with your bilingual natural guide picking you up from your hotel. From there, you’ll be transported to your first stop. Be forewarned that many a traveler finds this journey to be anything but smooth, so you may want to bring some anti-nausea medicine, peppermints, saltines, or whatever your preferred motion sickness remedy may be.

When you finally reach Semuc Champey park, you’ll need to make the trek up to the viewpoint to appreciate the naturally forming limestone pools below. Make your way to the viewpoint of Semuch Champey to appreciate the beauty of these naturally forming pools from above. Roughly 30-minutes, with a steep incline of a wooden staircase and stone steps, the hike isn’t difficult per se, but can be a bit challenging simply because of how vertical it is. However, the view is well worth the effort.

Swimming and Spelunking

A hike is a good way to warm-up your body — all the better to refresh yourself in the pools below. Take heart, you won’t descend the same way you came up! When you make your way down to the pools, or ‘pozos’, your close-up view combined with your aerial view will show you why Semuc Champey is often referred to as a waterfall (albeit a lateral one). Pools tend to spill over into each other as do smaller falls from the surrounding mountains. Some of the pools are big enough to jump into while others are nice and shallow; decide which you prefer and take a moment to watch the aquamarine waters flow through your fingers, then close your eyes and listen to the sounds of nature and the music of the laughter that surrounds you.

When you’re done sokaing up the beauty of Semuc Champey, it’s time to venture toward your next exciting destination — Kam’Ba Caves. This adventure takes you underground where you’ll explore moist caves by the light of a candle. This is best done in a swimsuit, because in addition to notoriously slippery ropes and ladders, you’ll also find yourself in waters of varying heights. Many people like to mark their adventure by painting their faces with the char found on the caves walls. This adventure is great fun, but it’s very important that you follow the cues of your guide, because this excursion is slippery and rocky.

Float On

Next up, another wet and wild adventure — tubing down the Rio Cahabon. This 122 mile (196 km) river will float you down its path for approximately 20-minutes. The Chabon River is gently flowing, so this is a leisurely ride where you’ll watch Guatemala’s beautiful natural scenery pass you buy — not an excursion where you can expect to battle whitewater rapids.

Insider’s Tip: Expect to see children offering to sell you beer and chocolate throughout your adventures!

Discover the magic of Guatemala’s wilderness when you see tropical birds, talkative monkeys, and more on a multi-adventure tour. Nature’s best kept secrets are often in the middle of nowhere, so let your Anywhere Local Expert manage your tours, accommodations, and transportation. We’ll take care of the logistics of travel so that you can focus on the wonder of your journey. Book the Semuc Champey Tour today!

Attraction Visited

Semuc Champey

The limestone pools at the Semuc Champey Natural Monument have quickly grown into one of the area’s most popular attractions. Set just outside the small town of Lanquín, Semuc Champey is composed of a series of beautiful pools and waterfalls. It’s a fantastic place to swim and relax.

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What to Bring

Bathing suit, lightweight quick-dry clothing, water shoes or hiking sandals, bug spray, sunscreen, bottled water, a flashlight, and a lock (if using lockers at Semuc Champey).

What's included

Transportation, entrance to Semuc Champey and Lanquin Caves, guide, a la carte lunch with natural drink .


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