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Tikal tours and activities listing, a guide of excursions available while traveling in Tikal
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Yaxhá and Topoxté are ancient Mayan sites in Petén, Guatemala. During this tour, you’ll enjoy a guided tour of Yaxhá and Topoxté and also experience the sights and sounds of the jungle.
Yaxhá is the third largest Mayan site in Guatemala, but due to its seclusion, it tends to lack large crowds. Enjoy a visit to Yaxhá (including both the ruins and nearby jungle) during this one-day tour.
Tikal National Park is the most amazing tour where you will be taken back thousands of years to the seat of the Maya Culture.
Uaxactún is a remote Mayan site in Petén that’s notable for its astronomical observatory. This one-day tour allows you to explore the lesser-visited ruins of Uaxactún.
Explore the vast ruins of Tikal during this one-day tour. You’ll visit Tikal’s temples and pyramids, learn about Mayan culture, and walk along short trails through the jungle.
On the first day of your journey, you’ll start your exploration of the area’s wildlife on a trail through the jungle of the Tikal National Park. Eventually you will come to a clearing, scattered with the stony ruins of Mayan temples and palaces. You have arrived at Tikal, home to one of the most prominent dynasties during the Mayan classic period. OPTIONAL only Professional Bird guide, lunch ,entrance fee to site.
Early morning, when still dark you will walk under the canopy and the jungle to arrive to the TEMPLE where you will be allow to climb and wait until the sunrise is a great experience to see the sun rising over all the canopy of the jungle. Also when you do the sunset you get to the how the sun hides and all the panorama becomes dark.
Be at the bus station for departure from Guatemala at 9:00 pm luxury bus hostess service, snack, video and bathroom.
Come explore the fantastic Mayan site of Yaxhá on this tour. Yaxhá is the third-largest Mayan site in Guatemala, and hosts an impressive collection of plazas and structures.
Over three days and two nights, you'll get to explore two of the most influential cities in the Maya kingdom. Both Tikal and Yaxhá offer ancient, intriguing settings for you to observe and document the surrounding birds and wildlife.
This tour takes you to Uaxactún, one of the oldest Maya cities in Guatemala. Uaxactún is notable for its astronomical observatory, and is thought to be the place where Mayans began developing their calendar.
This tour offers you the opportunity to hike to the archaeological site El Mirador, which is one of the best Mayan sites in Guatemala. You'll explore the tropical jungle as you make your way along a trail towards El Mirador.
On this visit to Tikal, you’ll visit the Great Plaza, Temple I, II, III and IV, and the astronomical observation complex.