Guatemala Hotels

Welcome to Guatemala, one of the most amazing vacation destinations you never knew you were missing. Guatemala’s hotels are extensive and impressive, so you'll have ample opportunity to find accommodations which meet your travel needs. Sometimes, a trip is business, not pleasure. There are plenty of hotels offering Wi-Fi and full-fledged business centers in Guatemala City, and as a bonus, they'll offer you great access to restaurants and cultural activities (when you have a free moment).

You may need to stay close to the airport during your trip — not just for business, but because you're only going to be in one destination for a day or two before you head off to your next adventure. Guatemala's airport hotels offer you everything from sumptuous elegance to a place to rest your head and start the day with a hot breakfast. You'll find these destinations in the capital city, Flores and Santa Elena, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Antigua.

One of the most exciting things about Guatemala is that it's a destination within the reach of almost every traveler. You can splurge on a luxury getaway where you'll enjoy private balconies with sweeping views, or economical accommodations that make a nice rest stop before you explore Lake Peten Itza. Choose from lakeside eco-lodges in Atitlan or jungle-clad resorts whee you can spot the elusive 'Resplendent Quetzal.' Spend each morning preparing for your day of adventure, and each evening reliving the excitement of your hikes, archaeological tours, mountain biking excursions, and more.

For a holiday full of unique accommodations and unique adventures, look no further than Guatemala.