Are There Many Snakes In Guatemala?

Guatemala does have snakes, especially in lowland areas. In fact, some of the world's deadliest snakes live here, including the fer-de-lance and a pit viper known as barba amarilla. The latter is easy to distinguish by its diamond-shaped head and diamond-patterned skin. Barba amarillas are somewhat common in Izabal, Verapaces, and Petén. Its bite is often fatal unless you recieve medical attention within a few hours.

Other poisonous snakes in Guatemala include coral snakes, rattlesnakes, and the eyelash viper.

To protect yourself from snakes, wear long pants and high boots while you're hiking in the jungle. Be aware of where you're stepping and watch out around rocks and woodpiles. Snakes are also often found near watering holes. If you'll be hiking with a guide, let them go first; they usually have a much better eye for the snakes.

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