Can I expect to see wildlife in Guatemala?

Yes. Guatemala has an incredible amount of biodiversity. In fact, fourteen of the 38 Holdridge Life Zones are found here.

What will you see? That depends on where you go and what time of year it is. In general, you have a great chance of spotting a range of birds. Guatemala is home to over 700 different species of birds, the most spectacular of which are the resplendent quetzal and Petén ocellated turkey. A number of large cats also live here, including the jaguar, jaguarundi, puma and margay, although you'll need loads of luck to spot one of these ellusive critters.

Monkeys are often seen in Guatemala. You might hear the cry of howler monkeys or see spider monkeys playing in the trees. Smaller animals are often easy to spot, including white-nosed coatis and kinkajous.

Along Guatemala's Pacific and Caribbean coasts it's possible to spot sea turtles, most notably in the town of Monterrico.

Finally, there are lots of reptiles and amphibians in Guatemala. These include crocodiles and the red-eyed tree frog. It's especially important to be on the lookout for snakes whe you're hiking, as there are a number of deadly snakes that live in Guatemala. These include fer-de-lances, coral snakes, and tropical ratlesnakes.

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