Can I Have My Wedding In Guatemala?

Yes, you can get married in Guatemala. Guatemala's forested mountains and pristine lakes make a perfect backdrop for weddings.

The following documents are required to get married in Guatemala:

  • A valid passport.

  • Birth certificate.

  • If you were previously married, you need a certified copy of the final divorce decree (or the death certificate, if the marriage ended due to the death of a spouse).

  • An affadavit of eligibility to marry. For this, you must write and sign a sworn statement of your eligibility to marry and have it notarized at the American Consul.

  • All non-Guatemalan documents to be presented to the marriage registrar must be authenticated by a Guatemalan Consul in the United States.

Marriages in Guatemala are typically performed by local civil officials.

Also, Guatemalan law requires that foreigners publish an announcement in the official newspaper two weeks prior to the wedding to ensure that there are no objections to the marriage.

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