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Hanoi tours and activities listing, a guide of excursions available while traveling in Hanoi
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Capture Vietnam’s capital after dark, from bright and bustling markets to exotic food stalls on lowlit corners, the headlights of city traffic tracing beams in the night air. We start overlooking Hoan KIem Lake, where friends, families and lovers gather by stalls set up along the shore. Streetlamps and the neon signs of surrounding shops illuminate the lake walkway, and we’ll look at how to take a context shot for a photo story encapsulating the scene from above. We then wander among the crowds to take relationship, portrait and detail shots of the people we encounter, before heading up to the busy streets around St. Joseph’s Cathedral. The cafes and alleyways around this historic landmark buzz with young people catching up over coffee, lemon tea or bowls of ‘Che’, and we’ll capture the new face of this youthful country.
From here, we head over to Ba Dinh Square, where Ho Chi Minh once read Vietnam’s Declaration of Independence, and now a popular evening gathering place for local families. Finally, we photograph the atmospheric lowering of the Vietnamese flag in front of Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum by Uncle Ho’s white-uniformed guards. It all makes for an unforgettable night exploring Hanoi’s life after dark, with new skills and unque pictures to remember it
For a unique Hanoi adventure, join us before dawn at bustling Long Bien Market, as thousands of deliveries from the provinces and farther-flung regions of Vietnam provide the traders with stock. From century-old Long Bien Bridge, we learn how to introduce a photo story with a ‘context’ or ‘land-scape’ shot. Then we’re down into the market, rubbing shoul-ders with the locals and exploring portraits and relationship shots. Learn the art of great travel photography while exploring one of Southeast Asia’s most exciting markets.
On this unique half-day photo tour, we explore both iconic loca-tions and hidden corners of Vietnam’s capital on foot while learning how to take great photos. Following the classic struc-ture of the 3 picture story, we discover the fundamentals of travel photography and gain a unique insight into the real Hanoi as well as fantastic pictures to share with friends. The tour is suitable for both beginner photographers and serious ama-teurs
Hanoi after dark is completely different with what you see on the daytime. The city now becomes a shimmering, colorful and exciting with night activities. The adventurous excursion is combined with the riding of vintage Vespa through some landmarks in the city and tasting the local cuisine. A night of fun and amazement start with a cruise through the bustling streets, narrow alleys, important monuments, beautiful tree-lined avenues all with a rich hidden history and tradition. Be sure you come with the empty stomach because during your journey, you will stop to enjoy some of the local specialties that are only found in Hanoi. Go deep into the nightlife while being driven to local bars and lounges where the young generation and even the older people come to unwind and flaunt their unique styles.
Come and enjoy the nightlife of Hanoi with us. We commit to giving you a fun and memorable time on your trip to our beloved country.
You have kids? Don’t worry! We can adjust this tour to be more kid-friendly.
Travel out of Hanoi to experience life in rural Vietnam. Mai Chau is an area of natural beauty and unique culture that provides a fascinating insight into life in Vietnam’s remote mountains.
This Ninh Binh day trip takes in the best of the Trang An area. You will visit the magnificent Bai Dinh Pagoda, eat local specialities in a family-run restaurant, and take a boat ride through limestone mountains and vibrant rice paddies.
Take a full-day city tour to see Hanoi’s compact Old Quarter and a number of cultural and historical buildings. This is an excellent introduction to the capital, complete with a fun cyclo ride and an authentic meal.