Vietnam Leisure Travel

Rest and relaxation are easy to find in laid-back Vietnam, even in the chaotic capital of Hanoi and the busy streets of Saigon! Find any street-side cafe, order a Vietnamese iced coffee, and watch the world go by, or step into a tranquil spa and enjoy a long massage with a cup of green tea. Leisure travel in Vietnam is never far away.

Hoi An Vietnam
Hoi An

Central Coast and Caves

Grand hotels line the picturesque riverside and a quiet stretch of beach nearby, giving way to a patchwork of rice terraces and then those famous Hoi An alleyways lined with ochre yellow colonial buildings. Cozy cafes have set up shop in the crumbling old buildings, alongside Hoi An silk shops, and restaurants specializing in traditional fare. Above it all hang the colorful lanterns that have become synonymous with the city, casting a romantic glow over any vacation.

Hoi An is one of those destinations that calls you to stop, sit down, and soak it all in, cà phê sữa đá in hand. Whether you spend most of your time on the beach, the riverside, or in the heart of the Ancient Town, let the calm energy of Hoi An get under your skin.