Southwestern Highlands

The Southwestern Highlands are considered off the beaten path, but have more than their fair share of rural charm. If you make the trek here, you’ll be rewarded with French colonial architecture and some of the country’s prettiest scenery — the city of Dalat is known for its flower festival.

The Best of Southwestern Highlands

Dalat Vietnam

Because of its remote location, the “honeymoon capital” of Vietnam is often overlooked by international travelers. Although it has changed greatly from the days when it was a French settlement, Dalat’s countryside charm and romantic atmosphere endure — Dalat is known for its abundant and colorful flowers, and December to February is the best time to see the city in bloom. Nature lovers will find themselves spoilt for choice with excellent hiking, picturesque lakes, and splendid waterfalls all within easy reach.

Lak Lake Vietnam
Lak Lake

Surrounded by National Parks and Nature Reserves, Lak Lake couldn’t be in a more tranquil location. Far from the tourist hubs in the rural interior of Vietnam, where the local Mnong people have a culture all their own, this is a place to get away from it all and immerse yourself in nature.

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Dalat is a mountaintop destination with a Disneyland vibe. You can arrive via cable car to get an incredible view of the valley below. Explore the local flower gardens, and take a stroll around the nicely landscaped Love Valley and its Lak Lake.

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