Where Is the Best Fishing in Ecuador?

Ecuador may be home to the world famous Galápagos Islands, but that's not all there is to the country. Obviously, the nation's protected areas are off limits for any activities that might stress or interfere with nature, but did you know that the country boasts exceptional deep-sea fishing off of it's coastline? Book a vacation you'll remember for years to come when you do some of the best fishing of your life in Ecuador!

Grab your sunglasses, sun cream, and sense of adventure — it's time to pack for your trip to Ecuador. The beaches of Ecuador hold more than just beauty...The best fishing in Ecuador is along the Pacific Coast between Montañita and Salinas. Here, you can enjoy deep-sea fishing and will have the opportunity to hook Pacific sailfish, black and blue marlin, mahi-mahi (i.e. dolphinfish), and bigeye tuna.

Excited? You should be! So how do you make this fishing pipe dream a reality?

Well, you've already discovered Anywhere, so your biggest hurdle is out of the way! The next step is deciding when to book your trip. If you're taking the entire family, then there are some things you'll need to know about the country's weather patterns when determining the best time to visit Ecuador. The wet season is December to May, but this is also the best time to visit the coast; while the best fishing in Ecuador is to be had from July to October.

Next comes traveling from point A to point B; you can get to Ecuador by land, sea, and air, but unless the voyage is part of your vacation, flying in will be your fastest option. For most travelers, Ecuador's entry requirements will be little more than a valid passport, proof of onward travel, and proof of funds.

The final step? Make sure you've booked your accommodations, transportation, and other amazing tours with the assistance of your Anywhere Travel Consultant. Then, sit back and count down the days until you're out on Ecuador's high seas — reeling in your biggest catch to date.

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